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24 Sep Visiting Kiron and Wandelwoche

August and September were definitely the busiest months so far when it comes to being on the road with Solimate. Fortunately Mohamed aka Manti joined the team and we finally have a 'real' business person on board - woohoo. During what was possibly the hottest...

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01 Aug Summer, Sun, Solimate

One lovely day in July the telephone tings and Peter from Saftmobil tells us he wants to bring Solimate to Hessen! How exciting is that! Plus, you can now get Solimate at Ludwig, art-café-culture space in Neukölln, at Cutie Pie, that offers wonderful sweet treats...

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30 Jun From A as in Awesome to ZK/U

Walk and talk What an exciting first month of Solimate-love! We walked and talked and walked and discussed, talked shop and convinced, laughed and schlepped and watched with big eyes how the very first ten places started offering delicious Solimate - because they loved it! Café...

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31 May Solimate is here!

Last week we went to Brauhaus Hartmannsdorf for the very first solimate-bottling. Three hours south of Berlin at 7 a.m., our mate was mixed, bottled, labled and -bam- put into the fancy crates. And as we're writing this they are all on their way to Berlin...

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04 Apr The countdown is running!

Only a few weeks left: We are working hard on the production of the first SOLIMATE bottles. We're looking forward to it! **** coming soon to your favourite spätis, bars & clubs ****...

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