SOLIDRINKS is a social business (Solidarity Drinks GmbH), a non-profit association (Solidrinks – Empowerment & Support for Refugees e.V.) and a sociopolitical campaign (SOLISHOUT) at once.

In SOLIDRINKS we found a way to collect money for relevant organizations and at the same time speak up against discrimination and racism. Our team shares a vision of a world in which it doesn’ t matter where you’ re from or where you’ re going: at this present moment, we are all here together. Is there a better way to get to know each other and exchange views and life stories than sharing delicious drinks?

In 2015, we quit our jobs in the Berlin bar scene and cultural sector to develop the city’s no. one maté recipe: In June 2016, everything started with the delicious SOLIMATE. Our crowdfunding campaign, running for ‘German Integration Prize’ helped us finance the classic 0.5l Mate bottles. Since February 2018, there’s finally SOLICOLA – on high request and after many many blind tastings with Cola-experts. We hope you love it as much as Solimate (and as much as we do 😉

We work 100% non-profit or, better, for-good-profit (we donate our profits). We still pretty much do everything ourselves – from the screw caps over recipes, bottles and the label campaign all the way to bookkeeping – we learn a lot and grow in experience every day. Every support and know-how (esp. IT, sales, graphic design – or simply your curiosity, humour and passion) are welcome! At Solidrinks there’s a lot of freedom to co-create and, with a bit of endurance, build your own future dream work place. Get in touch!


Work should be social and solidary: We’re developing a job-sharing model in which refugees, migrants and locals work in tandem. They share a position to learn from and with each other which means more competence, a diversity of view points and, above all, more creativity and inspiration.
Jobsharing also advocates a healthy work-life-balance leaving enough room for social work as well as quality time with family and friends.

Tandem Jobs

Solidrinks e.V. – No Charity: Solidarity!

Solidrinks e.V. is the non-profit association in charge of selecting and granting refugee initiatives funds from the drink sales. Learn more about it here, get involved yourself or apply for funding for your initiative or project!


Our bottle labels feature variable claims (Solishouts) and illustrations (such as the #TOGETHERFORRESCUE wave of the current campaign) that point to issues of refuge in a globalised world. They campaign against racism and discrimination and for human rights, freedom of movement and the possibility for everyone to shape our common society. It is here where the supported initiatives can present their work and spread their messages. Transparency and commitment are most important for us: you know immediately from the bottle where your donation goes and you can get active and support the initiatives yourself!