30 Jun From A as in Awesome to ZK/U

Walk and talk

What an exciting first month of Solimate-love! We walked and talked and walked and discussed, talked shop and convinced, laughed and schlepped and watched with big eyes how the very first ten places started offering delicious Solimate – because they loved it! Café Mano and Lee’ s Späti in Friedrichshain’s Scharnweberstrasse started. And just on time for EM, the Center for Art and Urbanistics (ZK/U) decided to serve Solimate as the sole mate at their bars! If you haven’t been there, pay this former railway depot where life and culture never stand still a visit! A few days later, Maria und Jamila’ s café-bar-restaurant Barettino in Reuterstraße joined the Solimate-Club, Refugio’s Rooftop Café and Kiez legend SO36 came soon after.

Werkstatt der Kulturen

…particularly supported us. The Werkstatt is one of the very few Berlin spaces for art, culture and activism that know, live and reflect actual Berlin diversity. Thank you so much!

And many other things happened besides: We were honored to present Solimate during the Respect Gaymes of the Lesben- und Schwulenverband Berlin-Brandenburg. And we met our supported initiatives, barbecuing with Women in Exile and visited Bag Mohajer at Holzmarkt’s Weltlinge, die Zweite Party.

Welcome Homayoon!

Our team grew as well: Homayoon whom we met at Champions Ohne Grenzen joined the ‘sales force’ convincing Spätis that they better be putting Solimate top row in their fridges…

Last but not least: Thank you IXDS for facilitating the very first public Solimate-Tasting during your legendary summer party! It was a real succes and we had a blast!

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