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About This Project

“Champions ohne Grenzen” (Champions without borders) is a non-profit association dedicated to providing life aid for refugees in the German federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg. It is the result of a union of young avid sportsmen and women who all have academic backgrounds in social education, cultural and social studies and are destined to take action against the social segregation of refugees by means of soccer projects.


We regard athletics and especially soccer as excellent field of affirmative action for sustainable desegregation of any marginalized social group.
 By means of exclusive soccer practice facilities, orientation tours in the cultural landscapes of Berlin and Brandenburg, social counselling and personal networking, we attend refugees from all over the world on their way into a new life in refuge.
 Yet “Champions ohne Grenzen” is not only a regional provider of athletic offerings, but acts as an agent to mediate between athletic, social and political groups of engagement.


We promote exchange and communication and identify yet ignored fields of action in refugee policies. Through our professional backgrounds in education, desegregation and athletics we intend to playfully support minor and adult refugees’ self-fulfilment. To us, the head starting-point of working with refugees is to empower them to actively take part in the shaping of their environment.


Apart from the regular soccer practice refugees profit from the networking, the mutual exchange of personal experiences and most of all from the support of local team members and coaches. In the long run we lay emphasis on helping refugees help themselves. Therefore we created a variety of projects that offer learning facilities for language, general orientation and interpersonal skills.

#KickOutRacism is realized in- and outside of the pitch. Join our “Kick Out Racism Cup” on July 9, 2016.