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About This Project

We are a Berlin-based feminist political group of migrant and refugee women, and women without this experience, who are active in the fight against racism, sexism and other intersecting power structures. Many women in Berlin live under threat of deportation but narratives and services are focused on men, and do not produce useful solutions for us. The specific threats faced by female refugees, from sexualised violence in unsafe living conditions to sexist and racist economic oppression, mean that it is impossible to separate sexism and racism in day to day lives. That is why when we resist, we say, “Against Deportation: More Feminism!”
The International Women Space was born inside the refugee occupation of the former Gerhart-Hauptmann School in December of 2012. In the 17 months before leaving the school many women passed through the Women Space; some lived there, others came to attend meetings, workshops, German classes, and other activities that were regularly organised. Since then we have re-channeled our energies into self-organised mutual support, documentation of women’s stories, talks, demonstrations, books and films, in co-operation with other women’s groups in Berlin and Brandenburg.