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About This Project

JUGEND RETTET is a network of young people who have organized themselves to fight against
dying in the Mediterranean. We bought a ship, the IUVENTA, and have already saved more than
14,000 people from distress. In this way, we are countering the humanitarian catastrophe and
collective European failure.


An important part of our work is the Embassy Network, which independently organizes political and
educational activities for JUGEND RETTET and civil search and rescue throughout Germany.
Since August 2, 2017, the IUVENTA has been unrightfully confiscated in Italy and we are using all
means to fight for her release. Since July 2018 it is known that 10 of the crew members are being investigated in Italy for “aiding illegal immigration”. If convicted, they face up to 20 years in prison and several hundred thousand euros in fines.


Besides our rescue missions we want to take a stand against the status quo of European asylum
policies with our European network of embassies. We are counting on young Europeans to engage
in political work. As a young generation we want to actively create a society worth living in.
Together we raise awareness for the disgraceful situation on our outer borders and on the
Mediterranean and mobilise supporters in all of Europe. We want to put pressure on state actors to
enforce the fundamental right on life and security even on the Mediterranean.