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About This Project

‘Try throwing a ball into a bulk of kids – 30 seconds later you can no longer tell who came from where.“ (Andreas Luthe)


When we kept goals as small boys, we knew exactly: ‘If I let this ball in, everybody is going to be mad at me!’ So we learned at this early age how to show responsibility for the team. And now we decided to also take responsibility for society. Soccer plays a particular role. we want to make use of the soccer game to bring together kids from a range of different backgrounds and origins, to induce integration and community building so that new friends are being made. In our open soccer trainings (like the one you can see in the video) every child is welcome. We live up to our motto ‘Freedom to Play!’ – every child has a right to fun and games.


In Safe Hands was founded by the two professional goalkeepers, Andreas Luthe (FC Augsburg) and Jonas Ermes (ehemals VfL Bochum). ISH uses soccer as an intercultural and social mean to shape a peaceful, inclusive and colourful environment, in which every child and every teen has the same chance to find her/his individual path of life.


…check out the video to hear the kids tell about their experiences during the practice 🙂 (unfortunately German only, but one can tell from their faces how much they enjoy it).