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About This Project

We can all do something about the deaths in the Mediterranean!


As a European humanitarian organization for the rescue of people in distress in the Mediterranean Sea, SOS MEDITERRANEE is carried by all our supporters who do not wish to be idle by-standers while refugees continue to die at sea. Since launching our first rescue operation in March 2016, we have saved 29,534 people from drowning. We have provided critical care on board, and shared the survivors’ stories, shedding light on the humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean.

People are fleeing from torture, human trafficking and rape in Libya and risk their lives on unseaworthy boats all in the hope of reaching Europe. These people have no other choice but to flee and hope to somehow make it across the Mediterranean and to safety.


Saving lives is a duty, everywhere, including the Mediterranean!


Every person in distress at sea must be rescued – regardless of how or why. This is SOS MEDITERRANEE’s underlying conviction. This is a matter of fact and also enshrined in law. For years, the European Union has not fulfilled this humanitarian duty. Tens of thousands of people have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea in recent years.

The work of civil society organizations that save people in distress at sea has been blocked on politically-motivated grounds. By deliberately preventing the organizations from aiding people in distress, more people drown whilst fleeing across the Mediterranean Sea and no one is there to help save lives and to testify about this humanitarian catastrophe. Due to targeted and politically motivated attacks, we were forced to part with our rescue ship in January 2019 and temporarily suspend our rescue operations at sea.




However, our commitment continues. SOS MEDITERRANEE will not be dissuaded from its conviction to do the right thing. We will return to sea as soon as possible, to continue saving lives. We are currently searching for a new ship that is seaworthy during summer and winter, with space for a women and children’s shelter, as well as professional health care.