What are the costs for one bottle of Solimate?

  5 cent+*  solidarity (funds for initiatives)
15 cent   tandem jobs (salaries for job sharing with refugees)
14 cent   backoffice (office materials, marketing, utilities)
12 cent   fairtrade (fairly traded ingredients and certification)
  5 cent   raw materials (conventional ingredients)
  9 cent   logistics (transport, storage)
18 cent   manufacturing (bottling, labels, screw caps)


An additional 16 cent are spent on your beverage retailers’ handling and delivery fees.

How did you calculate this?

The calculation per bottle is measured for 200.000 sold bottles per year. This is still a long way to go and currently our costs are much higher than indicated. Apart from the 5 cent that are guaranteed to go to the initiatives, the biggest part of our earnings still goes straight to production and logistics. At Solidrinks everyone works basically unsalaried.

*5 cent +

For us it was most important that from the very first bottle sold a fixed amount goes to the supported initiatives that defend the right to asylum and stand in for the social and economic participation of refugees. 5 cent might sound little. But we wanted to guarantee that Solimate remains affordable for everyone. In the supplier chain (Solidrinks sells to the retailer who sells to gastronomy who then sell the mate to you), a seemingly small sum can amount to actual 15-20 cent that you have to pay (more).

What is profit? And when do you start making it?

Solidarity Drinks is a so-called social business: Our company was started to a) solve immediate social problems and to b) abstain from the distribution of profit among the founders or partners (it is ‘non-profit-making’). Instead, all profit goes to a third party – the projects we support. Nevertheless, there will first be a profit once we’ve managed to sell enough bottles to cover all our expanses and adequately remunerate all staff.